Mindless Behavior Love Story Rated R:Love The Game Eppie 1 2/2

Видео: Mindless Behavior Love Story Rated R:Love The Game Eppie 1 2/2.
Описание видео: **Previously Cay Was Going To Get Ty And Left Kay And Cays Dad Came Home At 6:30 Drunk And Hit Kayy**

Kayy:**Crying Her Eyes Out** You Fucking Hit Me
Victor: Well You Deserved It** He Runs Out Of The House**
**Kay Goes To Fix Her And Check For Bruises**
Meanwhile With Ty
**Ty's Pov**: Omg She's Late I Have On My Banging Outfit (ВидеоДуэль And She's Late I Hear Her Honking Her Horn And I Grab My Cheerleading Bag And Went Outside**
Outside W/ Ty And Cay
Ty: Bitch Your Late
Cay: Sorry
Ty: Well At Least You're here I Guess
Cay: Get In The Damn Car
Ty:**Gets In The Car** SO Hey Did You Talk To Jessuca
Cay: Uggh I Cant Stand Her She Got One More Time Then Shes Off The Team
Ty: Don't Kick Her Off
Cay: And Why Not
Ty: She's Helped Me Out When I Was Bullied
Cay: She's Using Me For A Social Climb
Ty: Well Give Her A Chance
Cay: But I Never Liked Her She Trys To Be Better Than Me But Shes Not
Ty: Please
Cayy: Fine But Only For You She's Lucky You're her Friend
**They Pull Up At Kay's House And Honk The Horn**
Kay: Ok Im Coming **She Walks Outside**
Cay: Cmon Coach Pimbella Is Waiting On Us
Kay:**Gets In The Car** Hey Ty Hey Cay
Ty:Hey **Ty Looks At Kay** Have You Been Crying
Kay:**In Denial That She Was** No Does It Look Like It
Cay: Yes... Are You Ok?
Kay:**Lying**Yes You Know My Allergies Act Up In The Late Winter Early Spring So I Guess That's It
Cay: Yes And Speaking Of April My Birthdays Next Month
Ty: May 15
Kay: Are You Having A Party
Cay: Of Course**Cay Pulls Up At The School In Front Of The Gym**
Kay: Well This Is Our Stop
Ty:**Gets Out Of The Car** Yep And Were First Here As Always
**They Walk Into The Gym**
**Shelle's Pov** I Put On My Clothes (ВидеоДуэль And Went Downstairs
My Mom Went To Work Kaylee Isnt Answering Her Phone But Its Ok Imma Get Them All At Once Especially Kaylee I Don't Like Her Ty Is A Backstabber She Took My Man In 5th Grade Im Getting Side Tracked I Grabbed My Stuff Got The Keys To My Dads Truck (ВидеоДуэль )
And Left When I Got In The r I Pulled Out My Cell And Called Jessica**
**Jess's Pov** I Woke Up And Toke A Bag I Brushed my Teeth And Checked My Phone Cay Called An Emergency Practice Uggh Now I Have To Find A Ride Because My Moms At A Meeting And My Dad Is Who Knows Were I Put On The Outfit With This Weeks Friday Colors ( ВидеоДуэль ) I Looked In The Mirror Checked Myself Out And Admitted Damn I Look Good I Can Rock Jordans To The Max I Cant Wait To See Karter My Phone Started Ringing And I Answered**
Jay: Hello
Shelle: Sup
Jay: Hey Nigga Were Are You
Shelle: On My Way To This Emergency Practice
Jay: Like Fareal Talk To Your Bitch Cay I Have No Way To Get To Practice
Shelle: Call Karter
Jay: He Isnt Going To Get Up Its 6:45
Shelle: Im Pulling Up Get Out Here Practice Is In 5 Minutes And I Aint Running No 3 Laps For Being Late
Jay: Alright ShelleBoo Im Coming **Jay Goes Outside And Gets In The Car**
Shelle: You Look Cute
Jay: Thanks You To
Shelle: Cay Put It Together
Jay:**Rolls Her Eyes** Eeehh I Cant Stand Her
Shelle: Your On Her Cheer Squad
Jay: Mine In As Soon As She Messes Up
Shelle: Ty's Next In Line Shes Co Captain And Anyways Cay Doesn't Mess Up
Jay: Ty Can Kiss My ASS And Cay Just Doesn't Get Caught And That Soon Will Change
Shelle:**Stops The Car And Looks At Jay** Good Luck With That And Get Out
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