Loreen - Euphoria (cover)

Видео: Loreen - Euphoria (cover).
Описание видео: YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS MP3 FOR FREE HERE - ВидеоДуэль

So i actually went all out and filmed this one PROPERLY :) Thats right! Lol. A massive thank you to Ben Slater and Lewis Royal for filming it and making it look snazzy :D

Don't forget you can download my EP 'Paradise' at iTunes - ВидеоДуэль :)

And, YES, I do really like this song, i think its the 1st song in years that actually deserved to win the Eurovision song contest. SO THERE :) Also if you like my Moustache top, The lovely Orange Circle Clothing company sent it to me :D Please go check out their massive range of awesome tee's at - ВидеоДуэль

Hope you like this! :)
Katie x
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