Subheim - 'Dusk'

Видео: Subheim - 'Dusk'.
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● Subheim, "Dusk" from the album "No Land Called Home" (2010), ambient, post rock, experimental, downtempo

● Subheim is the personal music project of composer and visual artist Kostas Katsikas, a cinematic, experimental venture fusing electronic elements with rich ambiance and female vocals by Katja. Rich arrangements accompanied by evocative male and female vocals, cello, violin, various percussions, acoustic instruments and found objects as well as a swell of electronic and classical ambiences mark Subheim as one of the most promising projects of modern experimental cinematic, electronic music. Balancing between emotional crescendos, fragile moments of utter melancholy and aggressive, epic symphonic sections, while masterfully utilising a combination of liquid drum patterns, world and ethnic soundscapes, Subheim's music is a constantly evolving journey, in which new and fascinating pathways are being explored.

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