It's A Small World ~ Roc Royal and Ray Ray Love Story ~ Chapter

Видео: It's A Small World ~ Roc Royal and Ray Ray Love Story ~ Chapter.
Описание видео: (Jacob's P.O.V.)
I walk out of my room and put on my shoes. Craig (prodigy) Is sitting on the couch. It turns to me and gives me a face that says "What the fuck?!"

Craig: Why is you grinnin' so hard?
Jacob: 'Cause I'm goin' over Brittani's house. (smiles)
Craig: Does Trey know?
Jacob: Nope.
Craig: (smiles) Nice.

Jacob leaves the penthouse.

(Brittani's P.O.V.)
I just need to get Trey off my mind. Plus Jacob always makes me happy. And I really need that happiness. I look at the clock. 7:32pm. Ehhh.... He'll be out by 9. I lay on my bed and sigh. Then I hear my mom calling my name. She says someone is here for me. Jacob. I smile and run downstairs. He's standing by the door on his phone. Probably playing a game.

Brittani: Hi.
Jacob: (looks up from his phone ans smiles) Hey.
Brittani: Wanna......uhh......come upstairs? (half smiles)
Jacob: Sure.

They walk upstairs and go to Brittani's room. brittani shuts the door behind her. jacob raises his eyebrow.

Brittani: My know. (laughs nervously)
Jacob: Awwh, ok.

Jacob sits on a chair while Brittani lays on her bed.

Brittani: So....uhh.... What's been goin' on?
Jacob: Nothin' really............Brittani?
Brittani: Hmm?
Jacob: D- Did you really like Trey?

Brittani sits up rapidly and looks at Jacob.

Brittani: Why?
Jacob: (shrugs) I-I don't know. Just wondering....
Brittani: Oh....well.......I guess but....
Jacob: But?
Brittani: After know.....did that, my feelings for him vanished.
Jacob: Oh...
Brittani: Wanna hear a funny story?
Jacob: (smiles) Sure.

Brittani and Jacob exchanged laughs and stories. They breath heavily and giggle at thoughts. Then when it was 9:00pm, Brittani said it was time for Jacob to go. Jacob was almost out the door, when Brittani stopped him.

Brittani: Don't say anything to Trey.
Jacob: I wasn't planning to. (smiles)
Brittani: (smiles)

(Brittani's P.O.V.)
Then a second later, I felt his lips on mine. They were so soft and warm. When we finally pulled away. I shut the door and leaned against my door. I whispered to myself:

Brittani: (smiles) Wow.
Awww, cute. Lol let me know what you think. 3 likes/comments for the next one. ;)
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