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Видео: TreeUmph Bradenton Florida.
Описание видео: If you'd like to bring your group to TreeUmph just call 855-322-2130

We loved Tree Umph so much...we had to tell you about it...Might be a great activity for some of our younger bridal parties and/or their guests.... a few 82 year olds have gone through the course, so perhaps anyone who's active can enjoy it!

If you'd like to have a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception in our area...Great Photography, Music, Dj's, Settings, Caterers, Cakes and more....
Basically... the wedding ceremony and reception of your dreams...

See my website or just call 941-400-5504
Allan Z Your Officiant/Planner in Sarasota

I am a wedding officiant and planner living in Sarasota since 2006. Originally from New York City and NJ, I have over 30 years of event planning experience, honed in the toughest city in the world..

Know that I care about your experience from start to finish.
At Beach Breeze Weddings...It's All about YOU!!!

My personal goal is that you will enjoy the process, but also will think of me fondly after your event.

As a Notary Officiant, I can perform Religious and Non-religious ceremonies.
Many are surprised to learn that I can perform ceremonies in Spanish/English, with Hebrew (Jewish) prayer within, and that I also perform a good number of traditional Catholic/Baptist/Protestant/Methodist weddings. 

Same-sex unions, interracial, and any other parameter that possibly could define you, will never affect us. Love is Love...and we judge no one! We deliver the same quality services to anyone that knocks on our door.

I am not a minister, and I prefer to not insert my opinions or advice within your wedding...Think of me as a catalyst to your perfect union, to deliver your ceremony performed your way, with the opportunity to add many personal touches throughout that reflect upon you as a couple and your relationship with your family and friends.

I'm happy to simply perform your ceremony, but I can easily and affordably produce your entire event. I have gathered a ready stable of top-notch wedding professionals centered in Sarasota, capable of delivering your dream wedding event anywhere from Boca Grande to Tampa. 

My modern delivery style is different than most and aimed at affording your guests and photographers many opportunities to capture pictures without my big head in the middle of you two in every shot. If you prefer a different style, ( I call it "standard preacher style" where I stand between you) I remain flexible. Most people that hire me like the way I include the audience by not burying myself behind the bride and groom.

See my website or just call 941-400-5504
My Youtube Channel "SarasotaWeddingVoice" for plenty of video of my work, recommendations, and further explanation.

Consider Beach Breeze Weddings as your a one-stop-shop for all your wedding ceremony and reception needs; Canopies, Arches, Chairs, Video, Musicians, Dj's, Photographers, Transportation, Locations and so much more..

Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.
Allan Z
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