999 Eyes Modern Freak Show at Art Outside 2012

Видео: 999 Eyes Modern Freak Show at Art Outside 2012.
Описание видео: 999 Eyes Modern Freak Show performed at Art Outside 2012. Kit O'Connell interviews their performers and shares some of their unusual performances. Does 999 Eyes make you rethink your ideas of human beauty or redefine your 'normal?'

999 Eyes: ВидеоДуэль
Art Outside: ВидеоДуэль

Kit O'Connell, Gonzo Journalist
Homepage: ВидеоДуэль
Twitter: @KitOConnell


Performances by Vlad Vendetta, Eddie Odditorium, Katzen the Tigerlady and Dylan Blackthorn
Interviews with Vlad Vendetta, Samantha X, and Peg-O the Leg-O.
Music by Samantha X, Dylan Blackthorn & 999 Eyes.
Additional graphics by Elizabeth Anderson and Neon Beige Photography.
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