Zuider Zee - The Last Song of It's Kind

Видео: Zuider Zee - The Last Song of It's Kind.
Описание видео: Of all the Paul McCartney sounding singers I've heard, and I've heard quite a few, Zuider Zee's Richard Orange wins hands down. Even Emitt Rhodes didn't sound this close.

Hailing from Memphis and managed/produced by Leland Russell ex member of popsikers Gordian Knot (and writer of their finest tune, "Carraway Stream"), Zuider Zee put out just one albums worth of high energy power pop, funky rockers and gentle Macca style ballads. An array of guitar tones, sound effects and some of the best use of the Moog in a pop record (check the solo in "Magic Fingers") keep each and every song on the record interesting. There is definitely no filler on here. Overall, sounding like the missing link between Wings' "Band On The Run" and 10CC's "Deceptive Bends".

Not long after the albums release, bassist John Bonar was stabbed while fighting off thieves from stealing the band's van after a gig. The band split shortly after the incident.

Recorded at TRANS MAXIMUS STUDIO (TMI) in Memphis, TN in 1975

The Original Zuider Zee was a Rock Band whose members included Richard Orange, Kim Foreman, John Bonar, Gary Simon Bertrand, and Andre' LeJeune.
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