Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 5 - Part 6

Видео: Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 5 - Part 6.
Описание видео: Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 5 - Part 6

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Oh my snappy wappy! I have been thinking and it was long time ago since I did something like this. Lets go back old school and I hope you enjoy it!

You will be able to download this house from ВидеоДуэль once it is completed.

Don´t forget to support the old builder, give it a like if you enjoy it.

Texture pack: Misa Realistic 64x64

-------- Music & Vocals -------

Intro Music was made by Heffay.


Vocals are from:

Outro Music:

Vud Vuzela - Zombie


Diamonds, diamonds and a cookie for ya!
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