Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Tutorial for Beginners (Getting Started - Basics)

Видео: Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Tutorial for Beginners (Getting Started - Basics).
Описание видео: [VOCAL] SHORT and COMPLETE Tutorial for Beginners video. Get a general overview. Basic tools, getting started. **Get the quick list of what's explained at the bottom in this video description**

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A nice thank to my voice collaborator, a dear friend I know in real life.

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00:55 Software Overview;
01:33 How to reopen windows closed;
02:05 How to import media; (02:54 the 'building peaks')
03:30 the Video Preview and its Quality;
05:18 the Audio and the Video Tracks (05:55 how to create a new Track - 06:30 how to delete a Track);
06:56 How to undo an action mistaken;
07:04 How to manage media (selection, moving, length editing, deleting);
08:44 How to put Transparency/Opacity (level, Mute option, Track order);
10:58 How to manage audio media (volume, panning, Mute option) (11:28 How to avoid audio saturation with the Output Meter);
-better audio from here lol - 12:30 How to personalize Tracks (rename, size);
13:07 the Selection Tools (Normal Edit Tool, Selection Edit Tool);
14:19 Zoom Tool;
14:39 How to split a piece of media in two;
15:31 the Loop Region (fundamental!) (raw preview, advanced selections);
16:52 Saving (project, video itself);

║★proɢrαмѕ υѕed: Sony Vegas Pro 12 (video),
║Snagit 11 (video capture), After Effects CS6 (conversion)
║★lιceɴѕe: Copyrighted
║★мυѕιc(sample): from OfficialPeoples
║check his channel here

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